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Being the Sound Mixer for 'Growing Up', a Disney+ TV show

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

When I first landed on this job as a Sound Mixer, I was told over Zoom meetings with the amazing producers of Culture House how could we achieve the best Audio having an Arri LF on BTS and the two main cameras for the actual set, in a large Soundstage in Brooklyn at ABC studios in Industry city NY. A lot of things comes to a Sound Mixer's mind before accepting a gig like this since you want to be able to get the best audio and achieve the greatest results without compromising any line. We had to be very human and humble in front of our talent that came from hard experiences in the past so we had to be very calm and reachable if needed and open your heart to each of the 12 talents we had each week.

Building a cart for this show was the best I could have done since I needed to be mobile between 3 Soundstages. I decided that if we could also mic the Directors we will have a major coverage and that was hard since Directors are less used to be miked. Our BTS have great coverage of all the sound stages thanks to the Sharkfins that I have applied to my cart and therefore editors could pick and choose much from the production recordings.

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