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Tribecca Film Festival, Sound Mixer NY

4 years after we went to film at Children Hospital of Philadelphia I got a call from my great friend and producer Nicole Galovski to see if I wanted to watch 'Of Medicine and Miracles' Documentary that I have worked as a Sound Mixer in PA for 4 days coming from NY by car. I obviously said yes since I remembered the genre of the Documentary very deeply as the main subject Emily Whitehead goes on a miracle of coincidences and innovative procedures done by fantastic inmunologists who saved Emily's life after having an aggressive acute form of Leukemia. From that point and tweaking the formula they have saved 15000 lives of other kids and people with Leukemia which is probably some of the best news parents that were on this situation.

Being a Sound MIxer in NY and being a Sound Mixer in US in generals has made me work on very meaningful documentaries like this and being able to interview the people behind to make such strong documentary is a total present for the life of many who are there working every day to make save the life of others. And while many of the stories end up with not such great ending, Emily's was a true inspiring one which shows us we need to fight until the very last second to show to other people that life can be possible thanks to them having a persuasive father helps in every waym and my take as a father is that one can never give up for the kids until we are finally gone. Sometimes we can't find the reason for living on this planet but saving the life of your kid or anybody else is already an effort that is worth sticking around.

For the documentary I have used Sound Devices 633, CMIT 5U Schoeps and Lectrosonics along with Sanken Cos 11's. After hearing the results of my work in a theater I can say the combination of this equipment along with using levels appropietly and placing the lavs properly was above my expectations. And while Post Production ads a great deal in filters and EQ, the source sounded pristine out from RF and any other noise artifacts.

And here are some of my ugly photos from this beautiful documentary;

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